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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is one of the surgical procedures, which have been most common in our country in the last decade. Today, bariatric surgery procedures are performed in cases where the obesity problem cannot be solved with healthy and balanced nutrition or dietician support; where the patient does not have any chronic disease preventing weight loss (thyroid problems, etc.); and where the physician recommends surgical procedures based on the eligibility of the patient.

Let’s get to know obesity before bariatric surgery, and observe the current situation in our country.

It is very important to identify and understand obesity before sharing information about bariatric surgery. According to the definition revised by the World Health Organization in 2012, obesity is “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.” Obesity is a general health problem in most societies and is a global epidemic disease, which is today being observed throughout the world.

When the recent status of obesity and obese people in Turkey are observed, the rates are not lower than that in the developed western countries. According to the results of a study conducted recently on 25 thousand people, 30% of the women and 13% of the men are obese in our country.


It is very important to analyze the condition of the patient prior to bariatric surgery.

It is very important to analyze the condition of patients and take their medical history prior to bariatric surgery is of great importance. In the treatment plan to be designed before bariatric surgery, is important to have a dietitian consultation and ascertain whether there is a secondary disease as an underlying cause of obesity.

General condition of obesity patients

Today, obesity is a disease affecting many individuals in our country as in other countries of the world. It is observed that some obese individuals do not a do not attach enough importance to their disease. Some patients do not even consider obesity as a disease. However, obesity is one of the most important diseases that decrease the life expectancy. It is also among the preventable causes of death.  Bariatric surgery procedures can be performed if the current conditions of patients have been identified, the disease has been confirmed, and the treatment process is needed.

Many of the bariatric surgery procedures are now performed as a closed surgery.

Bariatric surgery can be performed with various procedures. Many of these procedures are today known as ‘laparoscopic surgery procedures’ defined as ‘closed systems’, which are alternative to open surgery. This provides certain benefits such as the facts that the patient feels less postoperative pain and recovers in a shorter time after surgery, and the operation is performed with smaller incisions.

Are bariatric surgery procedures risky?

Bariatric surgery procedures, similar to all other surgical procedures, include various risks. However, when its advantages and disadvantages are placed in two scale pans, bariatric surgery is preferred because of many reasons such as that it increases the patient’s quality of life and enables him/her to feel better in terms of socialization.

You can reach your healthy weight more easily if you strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding the processes of bariatric surgery, care about your diet after surgery, and pay attention to routine medical examinations. In this regard, it is important to change your eating habits after surgery.