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Mini Gastric By-pass

Mini Gastric By-pass

What is Mini Gastric By-Pass?

Laparoscopic Mini Gastric By-Pass surgery is a type of combined surgery that allows for restricting the volume (as its dominant characteristic) and reduces the absoption in a much more controlled manner go to my site.The initial portion of the stomach is given a tubular shape as in sleeve gastrectomy, in such a way as to leave a volume of approximately 100 ml. This tubular stomach is separated from where it is connected to the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. By this way, duodenal bypass that is the main purpose of the restriction of the absorption is achieved. The newly created tubular stomach is anastomosed at a point approximately 2 meters away from the beginning of the small intestines. By this way, patients can fee satiety with smaller portions. Moreover, since foods will be delivered to a point 2 meters ahead of the small intestine, the absorption of foods will be reduced by 30%. By this means, a weight loss is achieved.

Its Advantages:

  • It is a surgical procedure that takes shorter than gastric by-pass surgery.
  • It has a lower complication rate.
  • It has similar weight loss rates
  • Recovery rates of obesity-related diseases are similar.

Its complications:

  • Reflux rate is higher
  • Other complications and rates are the same.