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Revision Surgery

Revision Surgery

Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is applied for who can not lose enough weight or gain weight after sleeve gastrectomy or gastric by-pass.

If the controls are not done regularly and there is no cooperation with the dietitian and psychologist and the eating habits cannot be changed after weight loss surgery, the patient can regain weight. When it comes to weight gain again, comorbid diseases (like hypertension, DM…) related to obesity will arise.

Surgeon decide which method is good for the patient (mini gastric by-pass, sleeve gastrectomy etc.) to apply after patient's first weight loss surgery. With revision surgery, you can start losing weight again. In this way, you can get rid of the comorbid diseases and have a healthier life.

You should know that revision surgery is a more difficult and demanding surgical intervention than the first surgery. Your first operation can be transformed into many different surgeries with revision surgery.


  • Sleeve Gastrectomy; can be revised to Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy- to a smaller gastric volume- or by-pass type surgical procedures,
  • By-pass operations; can be revised to many types of surgeries such as Roux-N Y or duodenal switch.

If your physician is an experienced surgeon who has performed revision surgery, you can choose same surgeon to perform your second operation.